Friday, 18 July 2008


That's the sound of another week flashing by!

Good news on George. We went to see him yesterday and he could move his arms and wrists... and he'd had some proper food. This progress means that everyone's spirits have lifted. There is still a long way to go, but at least he's heading in the right direction.

On Wednesday we were in Clerical Medical - our 3rd visit. We were rather disappointed with our sales, but it was the week before payday and with the kids breaking up next Friday, I expect lots of our customers were saving for their hols. But we did get a party booking, which is great and lots of lovely comments. We have to think of it as putting down a good base for the autumn/pre-Christmas sales. Fingers crossed!

Not done huge amounts of making this week, so don't have any pics at the moment. I'll try and get some posted up early next week.

We're off to see my lovely mum for the weekend as it's her birthday on Monday. Can't tell you about her present, as I know she's an avid blog reader!

It's also my brother's birthday this weekend - in fact, tomorrow. However we won't be seeing him in person this weekend as he lives in Brazil! Although we do hope to be able to see him on his webcam! Don't you love technology?

Let me tell you a little story about my brother... when he was about three, he wanted to know what an experiment was. My dad said that he'd show him. Dad took us to the top of the garden. Dad told us to flap our arms very hard as the experiment was to see if we could fly.
We all started to flap...
"But, Dad," my trusting brother said, looking at my dad, "when we get up there, where shall we go?"

Hope everyone has a fab weekend and I'll see you next week.

Hugs and kisses to all.


Kerrie said...

Just catching up on the blogs after a week away Lesley - great to read some better news about George, I do hope he makes a full recovery very soon.

Love those beadies you made too and it sounds like a fantastic day you all had at 'Our Julie's'.

Kerrie x

Kiamyka said...

Hi Lesley
It's good to hear of George's progress. Hope you had a great time at Mum's. Keep the snippets of memories coming I love 'em . I sat here smiling going "Awww bless "
xx Chris