Tuesday, 1 July 2008

I'm back!!! And thank you!

Hellooooooooo, my lovely blog friends. I'm SO sorry to have neglected you for the last month or so. I'll try to do better in July.

There is loads to tell you, so it may be spread over several posts. Please don't feel you have to read all of them!

Firstly, I have to say thank you to several people who have given me awards. Alison of BeaDangles Jewellery , Chris of Kiamyka Gemstone Creations and Nia of Gemwaith Nia Jewellery, I am delighted and flattered to receive your awards. Thank you and big hugs and kisses all round.

I now have to pass on this award to five other bloggers. I could, of course, pass the award back to these three lovely, lovely ladies who all write fascinating blogs... but I thought I'd spread the love around a bit more.

So, my awards go to - in no particular order:

Hannah of Kutuu who makes gorgeous jewellery and is a role model for us all in terms of her business acumen and presentation - I literally drool when I read her blog!

Jo of GemHeaven - again beautiful jewellery and a lovely friendly blog

Mandie of JewelleryCraft - lovely jewellery and a very entertaining blog

Liz of The Crimson Moon who is the most consistent blogger I know - and who not only makes beautiful jewellery, but also fabulous cards

and last, but certainly not least - Kerrie - an absolute whizz with the seed beads and who finally prodded me back into posting here (with help from Chris) - thank you both - I needed that virtual kick up the pants!!!

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