Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Mid-Party Entry

Half-way through the two day party... So far, I've spent almost as much on buying clothes (we're sharing the party with an end-of-line clothing seller) as I've taken from the jewellery!

Shell necklaces continue to be the big sellers. I suppose because they are very individual and as the components are so reasonable, the price for a necklace/earring set is also very reasonable. People are starting to think about Christmas and snapping up bargains.

Monday, 17 September 2007

A whole month has gone by...!

I don't know where the time is going at the moment.

Update on the building work: All finished! Apart from waiting for the plumber to connect up the sink, dish washer and cooker. So we walk through the beautiful new kitchen, stroke it... and then go and cook in the manky old kitchen...LOL! Never mind, the plumber is due on Friday and then we will be operational!

Not such good news on the fish front. Three of the original four have died. Don't know what happened - they all went within a day. Very strange. So, just Leo is left. Martha has given everything a good clean and hopefully Leo will be here to stay. I expect we'll get another fish to keep him company next weekend.

As for jewellery - I've been beading away like a woman possessed. We've got a huge amount of jewellery parties and craft fairs from now until Christmas. We did two parties last week - both very enjoyable and, happily, profitable! This week we've got a two day party! Plus two more. So this is a big week.

Here's a couple of pictures of new creations:

These are just glass beads, but I really like the colour combination and I forced myself to do the necklace in a random non-pattern. Couldn't stop myself making the earrings match though!

Did better with these and made a pair of unmatching earrings! This necklace/earring set is my representation of a sunset... a challenge on the UK Beaders forum. I really enjoyed looking at sunsets and seeing just how wide the variety of colours can be. The beads are all hand-made lampwork. They are supposed to be spacers - ie they are made to go between more colourful/elaborate beads - but I think they are beautiful in their own right.

Right better get back to the beads. I'll try and find a minute (before another month goes by) to post more pictures before things get taken to parties... and hopefully sold before you get to see them!