Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Family matters...

So, let me catch you up on family stuff...

Tom has finished school! Well, he'll be going to 6th form college in September, but he's finished at his present school. His GCSEs went well - just the looooooong looooooong wait for the results in August now. I know he'll have great results... he's a clever old stick and has put in a lot of work.

On Friday it was his last day at school. They had a leavers' mass in the morning and then in the evening it was his prom. So, last week was spent dashing back and forth to Bristol (a 20 mile round trip) to get him measured for his suit, to fetch his suit and then take it back again. But, it was worth it. He looked gorgeous (although I admit to being rather biased!). Here, judge for yourself.

Nice picture of our kitchen radiator too! LOL!

Tom had a great time at the prom, dancing the night away with a bevy of beautiful girls!

He's got a great smile, hasn't he?

Also, I had my birthday in June. I had a super weekend. On the Saturday night I went with the rest of the family and my lovely friends, Mike and Helen, to see Bruce Springsteen at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff. He was fantastic - as always. I danced for the whole evening - much to Tom's embarassment! But at least he knows where he got his dancing skills from, that stood him in good stead for the prom!!

Then on the Sunday, my actual birthday, which I shared with Father's Day, we had some chums round for a BBQ. The weather was brilliant and we had a fab time.

My mum came for my birthday and then stayed for a week. Whenever she comes to stay the time always flies by and we're saying goodbye almost before we've said hello.

On the weight front, I was going great guns and I'd lost 9lb between coming back from Spain and my birthday. I put on a pound for my birthday - well, if you can't indulge for your birthday, when can you? And then I lost that and another half last week. Stayed the same this week. So nine and a half altogether since Spain. I really must get back on track now and lose the other five that I promised myself I'd get rid of before the school holidays. Whoops, only 25 days to go... Better be good!!!

I think that's about it on the home front.

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