Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Jewellery jottings....

So, a month ago, I promised to bring you news of the big show that we did...

Well, it wasn't our best ever event. Sales were pretty poor, but we did clear the table and petrol costs and made some profit - which was more than some stalls did. The problem was the weather. It was an absolutely fabulous day - gorgeous sunshine - which was lovely for those attending the event, but it meant that it was sweltering inside the craft marquee and people were too hot and bothered to be bothered. People were coming in, feeling the heat, and going straight back out again.

Our stall was in the middle of the tent and we kept asking people around the edge to open up the sides of the marquee to try and get some breeze, but it only gave a bit of relief. Also, because we were so hot, we became lethargic and so didn't engage with the customers in the way that we would normally. A lesson learned... we'll take fans to the next event in a marquee!

However, we had two parties at the end of that week and both of them were a great success. An evening one which broke our previous record for a party and then a daytime one which was a really lovely event... with great food! They restored our faith in our products and overall it was a super week.

We are back at Clerical Medical on 16th and then our next big event is the Portishead (next town to Clevedon) Flower Show - which is a two day event. Well, Friday 12 - 8 and then Saturday 10-6. We're hoping to go down on the Thursday to set up to take the pressure off ourselves for Friday and leave us more energy for the event itself. Will let you know.

Let me have a look what jewellery I've got to show you:

These first four pictures are sets that I've made with Sterling Silver beading chain. I've not used this much before, but I love it and will be certainly using more of it in the future. The chain actually goes through the beads - which can be held in place by using crimps, or as in the case of the black and white striped agate beads, can run freely along the chain. It's great for making earrings too - as I've done with the pink set.
You'll also see here my new favourite earwires. These giant kidney wires are great - and I've made myself a few pairs with these - I love 'em!

I love this set - but sadly if I wear green, I look like I'm going to throw up! It features beautiful pearls - the large green ones at the front and then ivory dancing pearls separated by some green rice pearls. It's fab, isn't it?!
And a slightly more understated green pearl necklace!
I'm all behind with my photographs, so there's lots to show you. I'll get onto it and report back. Been doing loads more chain maille, so I'll let you see that too.

The other thing that's happening on the jewellery front, is that my new workshop (in the old kitchen) is getting closer. The electrician should be coming to do the wiring in the next week or so, and then it'll be on with the plasterboarding and the plastering. Then, hopefully, we can start kitting it out. I can't wait to get installed. I'm itching to do much more with my silversmithing. Watch this space.

Phew! I think I'm all caught up now. Although I'm sure loads of things will occur to me that I should have told you about.

Many apologies, once again, for my lack of posts. Hope this marathon has made up for my absence, in a small way.

I'll try to do better! Four out of ten, more effort required! LOL!

Much love to all.


Kerrie said...

Welcome back Lesley - a marathon blog but definitely a good read!

Lots of lovely new jewellery - I am especially drawn to that first set, I love that shade of green :)

And yes, that certainly is a handsome young man you've got there ;)

Oh and thanks for the award too Lesley, I'll have a good think and pass it on when I blog later in the week.

Big hugs to you;
Kerrie x

Kiamyka said...

Welcome back from me too Lesley. Another lovely selection of stuff to admire there too. Are the Pearls Biwa? I bought some in Jersey when I was there in April and they are still in my stash. I can so identify with the stuffy atmosphere - I've been to quite a few like that where people do what I call The Ikea Shuffle, aimlessly walking round and not taking much note. Good news on the parties though maybe thats the best place to focus energy.
x Chris

Coburg Crafts said...

Thanks, girls. It does feel good to be back.

Yes, Chris, Biwa pearls. I've got quite a few left, so you'll be seeing them again, no doubt!

Will try and get some photos done today and posted up.

Take care.