Monday, 24 March 2008

Three Generations on the Pier...

From left to right: Martha, Patricia, Me and Mum
Just a quick post before everyone else gets up! Posting this so my blog readers in Brazil can see a photo of us all taken yesterday. We were on Clevedon's Victorian pier - and although we didn't have the snow that covered half of the country - it was flippin' freezing!!

And we braved the cold in the evening too, to see a display of fireworks.
Today we're taking Patricia to her first English pub.

Hope to post some more pictures later.


Kerrie said...

What exciting news Lesley and such a lovely happy photo!

Kerrie x

Nia said...

I can almost hear the teeth chattering from here! Great pic though, a lovely memento!

Alison said...

Great news, Lesley and what a lovely pic - bet they found that amusing in Brazil lol

camimmi said...

Hi auntie :)
I am here reading your blog...
So good to be in touch with you =D