Monday, 17 March 2008

Super weekend

We went up to Leicester for the weekend and had a really great time. Friday night we went to the beer festival and, by chance, met up with a chum that I'd not seen since his wedding in 1987!! AND he recognised me. Wonderful to know I've not changed that much in 21 years.... ROFL!!

The whole weekend was an eating and drinking fest - brilliant - but am dreading the weigh-in tomorrow... :-( Never mind, it was worth it.

Here's a necklace that I made at the end of last week, but only got round to photographing it today.

The long thin bits are mussel shell 'splinters' and in between the dark red/orange beads are sponge coral. The shell is quite heavy, so I've made the back of the necklace with some leather and put one of those lovely starfish clasps to fasten on the side. To balance that there is a smaller starfish bead on the other side. I love the randomness of this and think it will be a lovely piece to wear on holiday.

Off to my silversmithing class in a moment - at the start of an extension course, so that means a new project! I'll let you know what it is tomorrow and any ideas I have for items to make.


Kiamyka said...

That's another amazing creation Lesley - you always inspire me to be more creative with my own designs
x Chris

Alison said...

Amazing necklace, Lesley, I agree it's a great necklace to wear on a summer holiday.

Nia said...

So unusual Lesley, very bold and eyecatching, and yes, fantastic for summer. Are you planning on wearing it in Spain???

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I love this one!! :)