Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Sorry, no pics!

Ah well, not a good costing, packing or photographing day after all! Was at WW most of the morning (stayed the same - minor miracle!) and then had a meeting with Sarah, my chum that I sell with, to try and work out which events we're going to try for this year.
Then spent most of the rest of the day trawling the internet for details of the events - and finding a few more. Looks like it might be quite a busy summer!

Tonight, we're off to the cinema to see No Country for Old Men. Not sure it's exactly my sort of film, but it's won so many awards I feel I really should see it. And it's at The Curzon, Clevedon's own wonderful cinema. Do have a look at the website: http://www.curzon.org.uk/ It's the oldest purpose-built, continuously operated cinema... in the world! And it's about a five minute walk from me.

Then tomorrow is Clerical Medical and then as soon as I'm back from that, hubby and I head for London and the Kathryn Williams/Niall MacColl gig. Goodness knows what time we'll be back - so Thursday I think I'll be pooped! My lovely sis-in-law is coming over to be with the children - can't really call it baby sitting now as they're 16 and 13!

So, I'll check back in on at the end of the week - and hopefully have those pics I promised! :-)

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