Thursday, 3 January 2008

Happy New Year!

I'm so sorry my lovely blog readers... I have really been very remiss in updating you over the last few months. Things got SO hectic between September and Christmas there just wasn't time to do everything.
I'm very happy to report that the autumn was amazingly successful - 7 craft fairs and 14 jewellery parties - and all with great sales. But great sales mean a lot of work to build the stock back up for the next event. I was beading day and night!

Just before Christmas I took my daughter to Paris to see Bruce Springsteen. He was amazing (as always) - in fact, I think the best I've ever seen... and I've seen him 9 or 10 times! Martha really enjoyed it - until the last night (thankfully after the concert) when she threw up all night. Poor lamb.

Christmas was a quietish affair, just the four of us, plus my lovely mum. I was totally spoilt - lots of beady books and Photoshop, so hopefully my photographs will improve!

Then we had a few days of dashing hither and thither seeing friends and relations, then back home to get ready for our New Year's Eve party. This involved taking apart my office/workshop to make room for people to stay over (14 people stayed!). We decided to start dismantling the old kitchen (which will eventually be my new workshop) so we could store all my beadies. Brian and Tom did a fine job and although there is still half the old kitchen in situ and the rest is filled with boxes, I can begin to see how it will look and now can't wait!

The party was great. Lots of people, food and drink. Great fun.

Yesterday, I got my computer back together - so feel connected to the world again. And today, I must find some beads and make something. Definite withdrawal symptoms setting in.

One of my (many) resolutions is to keep this blog - and my website - more up to date. So, if I've not posted for a week, I hope you'll get on and nag me!

I wish you a very Happy, Healthy and Successful 2008.


Gemheaven said...

happy new Year Lesley Good to see you back - can't wait for piccies fo your new workshop!!

Miss Moon said...

Great to see you posting again Lesley :)

Happy new year!

Liz x