Sunday, 6 January 2008

Goodbye Christmas... Hello Weight Watchers!

With the taking down of the Christmas tree today, I must finally call a halt to the non-stop eating and drinking that has been the hallmark of this festive season. I go back to WW on Tuesday and I dread to think what news there will be on the scales... Hey ho, I've had a really good time!

I've been doing lots more playing with my Photoshop and I'm beginning to get the hang of it. I've been posting up more sets onto the website and have been making a montage of the photographs to show when someone clicks to see more. Here's an example:

I'm quite pleased with this - although (after consulting Tom - fount of all knowledge at 15) I've now found some more tools that will make subsequent ones even better!

I have added a few more sets and a necklace today, so categories are slowly filling up.

Tomorrow I really have to try and get all my beads back in my office - they are still scattered all over the house (in boxes, I should add) after the New Year's Eve party. Also, tomorrow I'm back to college and my silversmithing course. I must have a think about what to make this term.

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