Tuesday, 20 May 2008

What I did during the FA Cup Final!

I don't like to just sit and watch the TV and be idle, so here's what I made during Saturday's FA Cup Final. As Portsmouth won, I'm calling it Pompey Pink! It's a double shaggy loop (four bead bearing rings, per base ring) with pink magatama beads. I love what it's done to Pinky (you've seen his brother Perky in other pictures!) - he looks like he's wearing a wig - or turning into a King Charles Spaniel. LOL!
The next one I've made with antique copper rings and Chartreuse magatamas - single shaggy loops this time - and I rather like the combination.

This next bracelet features nuggets and button beads in Moonstone. The tubes in between are Thai Hill Tribe Silver.
And here's Pinky again! This time with a set made with shell nuggets and button beads teamed with freshwater pearls and Sterling Silver. I really like the earrings on this set - I might have to make some for myself.
And lastly in this bunch, a set made with dyed turquoise nuggets in four different colours with Sterling Silver tubes. I really like these oversized kidney earwires - I think they make a very striking pair of earrings.
Tom is still feeling OK about the GCSEs he's done so far. It was English Lit and ICT today. Do you know they're allowed to take the books into Eng Lit these days? No learning pages of quotes like when I was at school, back in the dark ages!

Thought I'd update you about WW too. I've been on a roll since we got back from holiday and I've lost 6.5 lbs. I'm really proud of myself. I'm trying to lose a stone by my birthday, but with less than four weeks to go, I'm not sure I'll make it... but I'll give it a damn good try. Watch this space!!

It's less than three weeks until our first big show - Bowood House Dog Show and Country Fair, so Sarah and I are madly trying to get our stock levels as high as possible. We're excited... and terrified... in equal measure!

Talking of terrified... the Weston College prospectus comes out tomorrow... with my photo in it. Eeeeeeeeeeeeek! I'll let you know what I think.


Izzy said...

WoW!! I love them all - especially the chain maille. Good luck with the show - not that you'll need it!

Nia said...

I am in awe of you maille-folk! Personally, if something takes longer than half an hour to make, then it doesn't get made! They are gorgeous Lesley, and don't panic about the fair, you'll be fine, really! Wish I could have seen the footy but I was tied to my stand last weekend and had to rely on a couple of texts from Wil. Gutted by the result being Cardiff born and Cardiff bred (and when I dies I'll be Cardiff dead in the immortal words of Frank Hennessy), but hey, it's just a game. So they tell me ....

Coburg Crafts said...

We were shouting for Cardiff too, Nia - most of hubby's family live there. Shame.

Thanks for your lovely comments about the maille, Nia and Izzy. I do enjoy doing it, but only when there is something else going on - like the TV - otherwise I think I'd go a bit (more) demented with it!!

Kiamyka said...

I love the maille stuff Lesley its really tactile. Hope the exams are going OK and good luck with the show
xx chris