Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Shell I show you?

Here are some of the shell necklace and earrings sets that I've been making. I love using shell - it comes in such wonderful colours.
The larger round beads in the set above are really unusual. They are tiny shards of shell which have been set into resin and formed into beads. They're very effective, aren't they? I got some in turquoise and some in pink.... think I might have to get some more!

Tom had his Spanish Oral today - which he'd been quite nervous about as he had to give quite a long presentation and then answer questions on it. But, apparently, it went really well. And then RF (RE) which he said was fine... he 'waffled on'!

They say that this spell of fabulous weather is going to break tomorrow. It's been so lovely to have the sunshine as we didn't really have a proper summer last year with all the rain. Even though we only planted up our pots and hanging baskets last week, they've already grown masses and there are flowers opening! As we were having all the work done on the kitchen last year we didn't bother with doing the garden, so it's doubly pleasing to have it all looking pretty and tidy again... rather than it being full of rubble, planks, cement, builders, cardboard, bricks, toilets..... We've already sat outside more often than we did for the whole of last year!!!

Let's keep our fingers crossed that this is just a taster for a long, sunny summer.


Nia said...

Lovely selection there Lesley, so summery and easy to wear. Must be shell-time cos that's what I've been making too! Hope Tom carries on breezing through his exams. Then you can relax a little. Till the results. Then you can relax again for two years. Then the stress will cause you to reach for the gin bottle!
It sounds as if Tom knows what he wants out of life so I'm sure he'll be fine. I found it amusing (after the event) that I was the nervous wreck during Wil's GCSE's and A levels, while Wil himself carried on totally unfased by it all!
(Must get me one of those WiFit thingies, might help shift a few pounds).

Coburg Crafts said...

I'm glad it's not just me, Nia, who does the stressed-out mother thing! I can't imagine how I'll be when it gets to A levels - especially as the following year it will be Martha's turn for GCSEs!

Izzy said...

Beautiful summery designs, and such fabulous colours!