Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Jerez, Journey's End and Jewellery

Actually as Jerez is pronounced 'Hereth' it isn't really alliteration, but hey ho!

After Seville we detoured to Huelva to see some friends and their lovely baby. Then back on the tourist trail.

Jerez is an interesting town if you like sherry... which we don't! So we didn't visit any of the bodegas - but did go to the clock museum - which was packed with... well, clocks! But you had to go round with a guide who only spoke Spanish. Hmmmmm.

Anyway, there was more Moorish architecture, which I'm sure you're fed up with by now, so I'll just give you a picture that I like for its composition and leave it at that.

Shame about those blokes standing in the middle.... Only joking, boys!

The other Jerez picture I'll share with you is another one that I like for its photographic qualities. I think I must have got my eye in by the time we got to Jerez!

It wasn't until we got home and I uploaded the photos onto the computer that I noticed the orange on the wall. And now that's my favourite bit of the photograph!

After Jerez it was time to head back to Malaga and the flight home. But as we had an evening flight, we had time to stop off in Ronda. Stop off and fall in love with this stunning town. Definitely somewhere I'd like to return to.

Ronda is the birthplace of bull fighting. While I don't like the sport, there is something about a matador that is very sexy. And this statue, outside their bull ring, demonstrates what I mean.
One of the main attractions at Ronda is the bridge:

It crosses a gorge which is 100 metres deep. Here's the view straight down:

It's a fabulous looking bridge - like something out of Lord of the Rings. Here's a picture, which I've swiped from a website to show you the whole thing. I didn't get this angle as you have to go down into the gorge to get it!
Fabulous, isn't it?

We travelled through marvellous countryside on our way to Malaga and ended up getting there too early. So we headed for the nearest seaside... Torremolinos! After all that culture it was certainly a change to be in the famous beach resort.
Brian having a well deserved drink after the hair pins of the drive through the Sierras.

And that's it, folks. Well done to all those who have travelled with me on this epic blogging journey. It's been lovely to be able to share my pictures and memories of a super holiday with you.

And so to jewellery. The stock take and re-stock still continues... but I did give into the beads over the weekend and did even more chain maille.

I'm particularly proud of the necklace and earrings set as they took ages to do and my fingers were aching afterwards.

Tomorrow we're back into Clerical Medical - our first return visit. No idea how it will go, but think I might make a few more things today to take with me.

Better get on with it!


Nia said...

Thank you so much for a wonderful travelog Lesley, I've really enjoyed both the narrative and the super pics! Makes up for the fact that the furthest I'll get this year (again), is Llangollen!
Good luck at Clerical Medical btw.

Coburg Crafts said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Nia.
What's wrong with Llangollen? My parents went there for their honeymoon!
Thanks for your good wishes for Clerical Medical... will let you know later how it went.

Alison said...

I've really enjoyed your trip around Spain, so much so that I now have a yearning to visit these wonderful places. Great pictures and wonderful writing - well done!

Great pieces of maille, Lesley. I can almost feel the swishyness of those shaggy loops! Hope the sale was a success.

Izzy said...

Stunning chain maille! Although you could have a new career in travel writing...................