Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Are WiiFit yet?

We're into GCSE mode now. Tom's done the first Physics paper (not too bad, Mum) and tomorrow is Spanish Oral and RF. He's so laid back about it all... it's just me that's stressing!

Our sale last week at Clerical Medical was great. We took practically the same as the first time we went and several people who bought last time, bought again. A good result.

The big thing - and the reason for the lack of posts(!) - that happened at the end of last week was that we got a WiiFit... and we've all become rather obsessive about it. It's great fun. I admit that I like playing the games much more than doing the jogging, yoga or exercises, but I reckon that if I'm doing something it's better than doing nothing! Martha is, at this moment, doing two hours of step... 2 HOURS!! She's watching Top Gear - she's got a HUGE crush on Richard Hammond - and stepping at the same time.

I've been making some shell necklaces today - they always sell well - and have sent some off to my out-worker (or Mum as I call her!) this afternoon. It's an interesting way to work... I design the necklace on paper, send Mum the 'pattern' and the beads and she strings it up for me, then posts it back for me to finish off and to make the earrings. I'll take some photos when they're done.

There's been a flurry of sales on the website this week... which is lovely. I must put some more things on there. There are certainly not enough hours in the day at the moment.

Right, better get back to it. The stock-take is all but done (thank goodness) and then I'm into serious making mode. Our first big show is only three and a half weeks away... EEEEEEK!

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