Saturday, 3 May 2008


Onto Seville - where there was a fiera (fair) taking place. This seemed to involve everyone in Seville - it was HUGE! Traffic was re-routed, the buses were packed and apparently no work is done for a week.
All the ladies were dressed in their fiesta dresses - even, as you'll see below, little girls and babies!

Not so many of the men were dressed up, but those on horses looked so handsome in their cropped jackets and hats. And the horses looked gorgeous too.

The tents you can see in the background are rented by businesses and families and each one houses a party - with a bar, food and a dance floor... and there are hundreds of them! It was an amazing spectacle.

The next day we gave the fiesta a miss and went to a huge park in the centre of Seville. This housed the Iberoamerican Exposition in 1929 and various countries built magnificent buildings to celebrate the occasion. The one below is the Spanish building and it is enormous.

Between each of the sets of pillars is a tiled picture depicting each of the major towns and cities in Spain, below is the one for Granada.
Seville will also go down in our family history as the first place Martha found a vegetable she really, really liked:
It's fried aubergine with honey - and they were totally delicious!

Next time we'll be off to Jerez.

The stock take/website update continues. It's been a long, hard job, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel now - although still quite a long way off! And I do feel better, more organised for having undertaken this herculean task...

BUT, a huge delivery of beads arrived this morning, so my fingers are itching to get back to the beads. I expect I shall cave sometime over the weekend.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend - we have an extra day here as Monday is a Bank Holiday. I'm hoping we'll get those pots and hanging baskets done (we were thwarted by the weather last weekend), as well as a trip over to Cardiff to see Brian's family and a treat for Tom and Martha as they both got prizes at their school's prize giving on Wednesday (proud mum, or what!!!)

Take care and much love to all.


Nia said...

I can't keep up! I was just about to post on the last set when this new one pops up! Lovely pics Lesley, it all sounds fascinating. And I'm now convinced that it's the influence of all the warm honeyed tones of your photos that caused me to use some similar colour beads today in a necklace, talk about subliminal forces at work! Have a lovely what's-left-of-the-weekend!

Kiamyka said...

Lesley I am loving your travel stories, especially the pics - you really have an eye for angle etc. I also smiled at your previous post and you have prompted me to write about the "lav meetings" we used to have as kids. It can be my next installment

Josly said...

Lesley interesting travel stories,Nice pics.