Wednesday, 25 July 2007

The start of something new!

Here we are then... a blog! Being a first posting it's difficult to know what to write, but here goes.
Today the children (15 and 12) broke up from school - so jewellery making time will be a bit limited from now until September. However, three (yes, 3!) parcels of beads arrived this morning, so I am itching to get on and make something. BUT today was a day for catching up on paperwork - accounts and such like - which is probably why I've been side-tracked into setting up a blog instead!

Also, we are in the middle of having major work done on the house, so everything is even more chaotic than usual. It should all be finished by mid-August... but you know what builders are like! Watch this space for updates on the eventual finish date.

So, that's what's happened today. I do hope you'll pop back and visit again. I'll be posting up photographs of new items, talking about my jewellery and giving you various snippets of background stuff.

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