Thursday, 26 July 2007

Hands, Knees and...

I'm plagued with injuries at the moment. Last week I sliced open my finger while cutting carrots and this week I'm hobbling on a gammy knee. I had it X-rayed on Tuesday and today went to my chiropractor to see what he could make of it... Turns out I have a 'joint mouse' - a bit of stuff floating about in my knee. So, I'm now at the mercy of the NHS awaiting an appointment... Tune in later to see how long it takes!

Anyway, I actually got round to some jewellery today. Some designing as I'm waiting for some beads which will hopefully be here tomorrow. Some making too - converted a spectacle chain into a necklace for a customer and made a couple of pairs of commissioned earrings.

Hope to make up some of my designs tomorrow - so there should be pics!

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