Thursday, 9 April 2009

What a difference a day makes...

a day and a two hour flight to California! Our hotel is a snowball's throw from Venice Beach:
We discarded our layers and went down to the beach, stopping off on the way for Brian to enjoy his first ever pint of beer with an orange garnish!!
We walked for a long, long way along the beach, enjoying the sunshine, warmth and the fantastic architecture of the beachfront houses:

Then we walked back to the hotel along the canals that give Venice its name. More stunning houses:

Then yesterday, Wednesday, was our movie day. We started with a tour of Warner Brothers Studios, which was just amazing.
They're in the process of taking down all the sets they have used for ER for the last 15 years... it was really sad.

If you know The Gilmore Girls, you'll recognise Lorelai's house.

And unless you've been on another planet for the last decade, you'll recognise Central Perk from Friend's. Although the series has finished, they have preserved the set as it's one of their most successful shows.

We saw SO much cool stuff that we weren't allowed to photograph... like the museum where they have the costumes from The Matrix, Willy Wonka (although we didn't see Johnny Depp's costume as he has it written into his contract that he keeps all his costumes) and a whole floor of bits from Harry Potter. This includes the Sorting Hat from the first film... and we could be sorted. I'm a Huffelpuff...
It was an amazing tour and we had a super guide called Wes, who was a veritable mine of information.
From the studios we went to investigate the Walk of Fame, stopping off for some lunch in this shopping mall from where you can see the Hollywood sign. All the people on the bridge are taking their photos. I liked it better from here:
Onto the stars. These go on for miles. We saw most of them, but I missed Katherine Hepburn which was the one I really wanted to see. Ah well, next time...
Sam is an excellent second choice.
Near one end of the Walk of Fame is the Chinese Theatre with all the hand and footprints. Martha and I made a bee-line for Johnny Depp. He has very small hands!

From there we went over to Carroll Avenue which you won't have heard of, I'm sure, but it has amazing houses, including this one, which was used as the house where the witches from Charmed lived. This is Martha's favourite programme. It was supposed to be set in San Francisco but was actually filmed in LA.
An amazing day.
We're off to investigate museums today.
Hope you're all behaving!
Much love to all.

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