Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Pictures of the Rockies

Jim and Becky's lovely house. This was taken on Saturday when the weather was not at its best.
The snow was so fine, it was really difficult to make the snowman, but we managed this rather strange looking one.

Jim and Tom about to set off down the mountain. This is Sunday when the weather was improving... Then there was Monday...

All of us taken at Sapphire point. This is a remarkable spot - and apparently is often used for weddings. Left to right: Brian, Becky, Tom, Martha, Me and Jim.

Becky and Martha flopping over backwards to do snow angels.

This is WAY high up in the mountains. There were loads of skiers and snowboarders who were going down the mountain sides - not on runs more like wild skiing. We all got sunburned waiting for two skiers to go down a really steep bit... and had to leave before they plucked up the courage...

One of the wonderful views from Sapphire Point. All the peaks have names, but I can't remember which ones these were.

And lastly, this magazine... the name of which just cracked me up. Only in America...

Will be back with the next installment really soon.

Much love to y'all.

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