Sunday, 12 April 2009

Bright lights and sore feet

OK, we're now in Las Vegas... after a long, long drive through the desert from Los Angeles. This shot is of the New York, New York hotel. You can just about see the huge rollercoaster that runs around the hotel - even through the casino - and reaches up to 65 mph. And no, I won't be trying it!
Lovely metalwork.

The hotel on the left that looks like it's made of Lego is the Excalibur. We've not been in there yet.

This is the front of the Paris Hotel - and a half size replica of the Eiffel Tower.
The attention to detail in these themed hotels is just amazing - like this replica of the Arc d'Triumph at the Paris Hotel. And just look at all the detail in the metalwork of the canopy.

We were taking a breather on some benches here. We've walked MILES and MILES! My feet are so sore...
The reception of the Paris Hotel. The whole place just twinkled and twinkled.
If you thought the Paris Hotel was something, you should see the Venetian... all the sights of Venice boiled down to the front of the hotel. I took the photograph from a great replica of the Doge's Palace. Inside the hotel the shopping mall has a false sky... And there are more gondolas and gondaliers inside too.

This shot is for my brother. He just loved American trucks when he was younger. They are all so well looked after, the chrome has a polish that I'd be pleased to get on my jewellery!

There'll be more pics of Vegas soon... as long as my feet recover!

Hope all well with all of you.

Much love


Swiss Side Jewellery etc said...

Hi Lesley,
Am so enjoying your travel "report" and your pics. Having 2 young children we don't do sightseeing things, so it is all very interesting, but have you bought any beads yet ??

Coburg Crafts said...

Hi Vicky

I'm glad you're enjoying my travelogue. It's only since the children have grown up that we feel we can take them on these kind of holidays. Your turn will come!
No, no beads bought... but we have a couple of days left...!
Take care,