Monday, 5 January 2009

Look now... it'll never be this tidy again!

I'm in the new workshop! Yippeeeee! Although I can only spend a limited amount of time in here at a go as - despite the new radiator - it's flippin' freezing. I've got another heater which should be arriving tomorrow, so hopefully, I'll be all cosy by the end of the week. I hope so as the weather forecast is for this freeze to continue for a while.

Anyway, here's the computer bit... so that's where I'm sitting typing this! The bear on the shelf was part of one of my Christmas presents from Martha... he came with a bottle of Bucks Fizz and a little box of chocs!

Please ignore the huge stack of filing on the left... I hate filing!

This view shows my lovely cupboard... which is filling up way too quickly!
This is the jewellery bench side of things. Brian has cut a groove all the way round the workbench so that beads and things don't roll off. How clever is that? The meters will be boxed in... there just wasn't time to get that done before I had to move in. And the shelf under the window has got half its tiles... they should be finished off on Wednesday.
Another view of the workbench. This time showing my new bench vice. I've been waiting for this for ages. The little drawers hold my collection of semi-precious beads - all sorted. Some drawers need a label, but I'm getting there. At the near end, where my little torch is, that's where the soldering hearth will be. Soon!
This gorgeous suncatcher is hanging in the little window. You can just see some of the colours in the photo above. It was part of my Christmas present from Lynn (Tinkerbell) on UKBeaders forum. We were paired up to swap presents - and Lynn and I exchanged ours across the Atlantic as Lynn lives in Canada.
Long view on the other side. The interesting 'sculpture' in front of the cupboard is my spinner. It comes in two halves and this is the easiest way to store it. The black tree is nothing to do with it, but I thought it looked good there!
I managed to clear my old room in time for the party... and then no-one used it! Ah well, it got me moving. I've not got everything transferred into the new space yet, there are 'one or two' boxes full of bits and bobs that were pushed into various cupboards on New Year's Eve. I wonder if I'll find them all?

I hope you all had a terrific Christmas and New Year celebrations - whatever form they took. Our party was super - lovely friends, great food (Brian cooked) and a great start to a New Year.

Once all our guests had left, we pulled up the drawbridge and the four of us had a Lord of the Rings marathon. We watched a film a day (the extended versions), snuggled on the sofa, ate chocolate and popcorn and emmersed ourselved in Middle Earth. It was wonderful.

My jewellery class starts up again tonight and we're doing some etching this term. I've never done any of that before and I'm really looking forward to it. Watch this space for the results.

Sarah and I are having our first meeting of 2009 tomorrow to plan out our world domination scheme for the coming year. I think we both realise that we made some good decisions last year, and some not so good ones. But as long as we learn from those mistakes, we're heading in the right direction. All businesses are going to find it hard to grow in a recession, but we'll be trying our best!

I'll catch up with you later in the week. Going for a warm now!

Take care, keep warm and much love. xx


Kiamyka said...

Wow Lesley it looks amazing. I daren't venture upstairs into my workspace as I have been dumping everything up there as part of my alleged tidy up of the rest of the house pre Christmas. If I wasn't so ashamed of the mess I would show you a picture haha
xx chris

Ali P said...

Fab workroom Leslie, and it sounds like you had a lovely holiday too - we did the Lord of the Rings marathon thing last year - what a great way to spend a few days ;)
Looking forward to hearing your plans for the new year - I need to get myself out and about a bit more with my jewellery so I will be watching with interest!

Jo said...

Your workroom looks lovely! I wish I were as organised as you! You should see my office. Disgraceful! Good luck with your growing business in the new year. I love my necklace, by the way!

tinkerbell said...

Hi Lesley, I just remembered to come back and check out the studio progress. It's wonderful. You've thought of absolutely everything, right down to the channel around the desk so the beads don't run away. You must be so excited to get in there and get started. I sure hope it warms up for your soon. Thanks for sharing the pictures and I'm honoured that you've hung your suncatcher in your special place. :)