Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope 2009 will bring us all health and happiness.

I don't really do resolutions - I know myself well enough to realise that I'll have broken them by about the 7th January... but I am determined to update this blog more regularly and to try new jewellery making techniques in 2009. Read on... and see if I succeed!!

I am in the middle of moving into the new workshop... and as you can see Cleo is 'helping'...
She's very excited that I'll be just off the kitchen and not up two flights of stairs, when she wants to tell me that she hasn't been fed for 'weeks'...

I'd better get on, actually, because we're having a New Year's party tonight and we've allocated my old room for people to sleep in! So, unless they're going to sleep with their heads on boxes of beads and their feet on my polishing motor, I'd better get the room cleared.

I'll take photos of the new workshop, all finished, on Monday, and let you see it. I can guarantee it will never be that tidy ever again!

Have a splendid evening, whatever you're doing, and a fabulous 2009.

Much love to all.

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