Friday, 23 January 2009

Sorry, Mum.

How gorgeous is this?

Well, in fact, even more gorgeous in the flesh... as the colours are darker and richer than they seem here.

It's a jacket that I'm knitting for myself for the spring. The yarn is like a thin ribbon - you can see it just by the needle and is mainly merino wool. I can't usually bear to have wool next to my skin, but this is so soft and non-itchy that it'll be fine.

And as it's knitted on 8mm needles it's growing really fast. I only bought it yesterday lunch-time and I'm already three quarters of the way up the back... and I was out at a meeting most of last evening! I should get onto the front tonight - you knit the back and fronts all in one go!

The pattern was in a booklet, so I've got other patterns that I'd like to have a go at - one of which uses some really funky wool and is knitted on 15mm needles! Be like knitting with tree trunks!

Oh and why am I apologising to my mum? Because I hate sewing up my knitting and Mum will get that job. Sorry.

Have a super weekend, everyone. Take care and have fun.

Much love.


tinkerbell said...

Wow that looks like lovely yarn - I love the colour. So it's warm enough for you to be thinking of a spring jacket is it? Lucky you. I've been finishing up a baby sweater in a sweet pink for a 6 month old. I always had to have my Mom sew up my hems, etc when I made clothes years ago!! Never liked the finishing part either.
Bye for now, Lynn

Coburg Crafts said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who passes things to her mum to finish them, Lynn!
No, not warm enough to wear the jacket yet - but it makes me think that spring is just around the corner as I sit wearing two jumpers and a throw over my legs! Ever hopeful, that's me!!