Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The rain in Spain...

... fell mainly on us!

Back from my hols - and although it was rainy and cold at the start, we had a fantastic time. Rather than give you the whole 10 days in one go, I'll tell you a little at a time - spreading it over the next few posts.

First up was Granada

Although I really like this statue, the picture was taken mainly for the shop in the background - yes, you're reading that right - Yellow Rat Bastard! And, it's a chain! We saw Yellow Rat Bastards all over the place... tee hee! This is one of the main squares in Granada - the statue is of Queen Isabella and Christopher Columbus. I really like the flower display - those are cyclamen - loads of them in pots in a container with a spiralling trough. Very clever. And I love the lilies - we've got those in our front garden.
This one is taken at the Science Park... in the rain. Martha - sensible girl that she is - hovered over the seat, while Tom sat down - and had a wet bottom for the rest of the afternoon!

This is inside Granada cathedral. Those columns are absolutely huge - you can just about see a person on the left hand side to get some idea of scale. I loved it.

And then the Alhambra. What a fabulous place! The carving is just amazing - when you consider how long it's been around.
It has a kind of serenity and stillness that gives you a great sense of calm as you wander around.

And then as we moved into the Generalife gardens, the rain came down - and down - and down... This staircase had troughs in place of the handrails which are supposed to have a trickle of water cascading down them... they had a torrent when we were there!!

OK, that's enough of Spain for today. Especially as I have something else to show you... my photo for the prostpectus!! Well, the one I like best - I hope they'll use this one - although the others aren't bad, just not as nice.
I'll be back with the next installment of our hols soon - and maybe even some jewellery to show you!!


Kerrie said...

Lovely, lovely photos Lesley - shame about the rain but still looks like you all had a great time :-)

Kerrie x

Izzy said...

Your prospectus photo is beautiful - you look so professional!!
Love the rat bastard too - that tickled my funny bone!

Nia said...

what a pity about the rain, but it's pretty obvious you all had a wonderful holiday - I hope I can get to that region one day, it looks fascinating. Love the pic inside the cathedral, very atmospheric.

Alison said...

Fabulous photo's, Lesley. I especially like the one's of the Alhambra, may have to go on my list of places to visit.

Julie said...

Hola Lesley! I visited the Alhambra on Monday, and guess what ... it rained! Jx