Saturday, 26 April 2008

Cordoba and Crazy Lace...

So we leave Granada and move to Cordoba. This is the Roman bridge - and the river which - because of all the rain - was in flood. It was hurtling through these arches and had masses of debris as well as loads of silt all caught up in it.

Then the mosque - and our reason for stopping in Cordoba. This serene building was built in 784 and added to up to 987. Then it was consecrated as a Christan cathedral in 1236 when the Christians conquored Cordoba - and then in the 16th Century a Catholic Cathedral was built slap bang in the middle of it. The contrast between the Muslim simplicity and the over ornate Christian additions is quite bewildering.
We were lucky enough to have rooms in a hotel just outside the mosque and so this is the view from the window - the outside of the mosque. And you'll see that the weather has improved!!
OK, there will be more of Spain in the next post, but for now, here's some new jewellery:

First up, a crazy lace agate necklace and earrings set. I love these stones - as does my mum! She saw these beads when I bought them and loved them so much, I made her a necklace and earrings for Mother's Day. These are the beads that were left over.

Next up is a set made with Lemon Chrysoprase. Not a stone I'd heard of before I bought these beads at Chepstow bead fair. Since then I've been trying to find something to go with them. The 'lemon' colour varies from almost white to an apple green. In the end, I had to wait for the new Swarovski crystal colour - Mocca - which goes really well with the veining on the beads and simply separate the beads with sterling silver. I think it works well.
These next two bracelets are part of my continuing obsession with chain maille. I find it very relaxing to do and love the results. These are flip-flop weave or shaggy loops - with magatama beads threaded on the outside rings. They look fab on.

This second one sold at a party last night... which I have to tell you about. The party - which we shared with a cookery demonstration (such FABULOUS - but terribly fattening food!) - was to raise funds for an orphanage in India. The hostess of the evening - the very lovely Vereen - lives in THE most beautiful flat I have ever been in. It is part of a converted convent chapel and she has the ornate windows and some of the pillars and archways in her lounge. The bedrooms are on two suspended platforms reached by spiral staircases. It was like something out of Grand Designs. Just wonderful.

Hope you're all having a lovely time in this glorious sunshine. We've been and bought the plants to do our pots this afternoon. I'll post a picture when they're in flower!

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Nia said...

This is MUCH better than Judith Chalmers! Keep 'em coming Lesley! Great jewellery as usual. The venue for your jewellery party sounds wonderful, wish I lived somewhere resembling a Grand Designs programme. This place is more like Cold Comfort Farm!