Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Silk, stoppers and squiggles

Here's our stall set up for the craft and gift fair in the Broadmead Mall, in Bristol on Saturday. That's Sarah talking to the daughter of another stall holder. You can see that the fair took up a good area in the shopping centre. However, sales were really poor. People just didn't stop to look at what was on offer. Which was a real shame, because there were some wonderful things (and not just on our stall!).

This is the middle of our table - and I just wanted to show you these new canvases that Sarah has made - aren't they fabulous!

Onto Sunday and our table at Bowood Dog Show and Country Fair. You'll see that with a smaller area we couldn't take the canvases with us. We did quite well at Bowood. But spent almost as much as we made on lovely goodies from other stall holders! Hey ho.

Onto some jewellery. Actually managed to get outside to take some pics today.

First up is a set made with Chrysocolla - which is a new favourite for me. Wonderful colours.

The next few are a new design. Beads are threaded onto dyed silk ribbon ((by Diane Turton of Sowzere Designs) and the ends of the ribbon are then threaded through a matching bead and knotted. This means it can be slipped over the head and then the bead moved up so the necklace is the correct length. (Thanks to my lovely mate, Julie Fountain, for this wonderful idea... which I have shamelessly pinched!) I've been wanting some of these ribbons for the longest time, but always seemed to miss them on Diane's website. Once I got my hands on some, I couldn't wait to make them into something lovely. I just love the colours.

The first one has beads by Clare Scott and the ribbon is threaded through a large-holed Sterling Silver bead and then back through the bead.
These beads are also by Clare and again I've used the Sterling Silver beads.

The beads in this next one are by Julie Fountain of Lush Lampwork and I've knotted the silk between the beads.

A similar method using more of Julie's wonderful beads.

As Father's Day is approaching and we've got Nailsea Craft Market the day before, I thought I'd better make something suitable for men. So, here are some bottle stoppers onto which I've added lampwork beads. The beads are by various artists including Julie Fountain and Clare Scott.

And lastly some new Sterling Silver Squiggles. Two textured, one not.

Not much else to report - having been out selling all weekend, there wasn't time to get up to much! However, we don't have any more events now until 20th, so I've promised myself some time with the silver - watch this space for the results.

Take care, all, and I'll be back soon.

Much love


eve said...

You just never know what will happen when you go to craft fairs, if you will be busy or not, my aunt lives in Nailsea, hope you do well,x

Nia said...

Lovely selection of photos Lesley! Sorry about Broadmead, it's funny how sometimes the best venues in theory turn out to be a bit of a let-down, but Sunday sounded good though. Hope Nailsea goes well for you! And I love your newest squiggles btw!

Buy Design said...

Just found your blog and thought I would say Hello. I know all about the ups and downs of craft markets. Your jewellery looks really nice. I do a mixture of styles myself and really ought to do more silver smithing but my workshop is in the basement and the basement is freezing and I am a big wimp who hates being cold.