Friday, 5 June 2009

A quick hello!

Just wanted to run past you with a quick wave!

Mega busy at the moment - this week we've already had two office sales - one not so good, one absolutely brilliant (go figure!) and then tonight we're setting up to sell in the big shopping centre in the centre of Bristol and then on Sunday we'll be up at the crack of sparrows' to go to Bowood Dog Show and Country Fair. Should be a great weeekend.

Monday, I think I'm going to stay in bed all day...

Family news: Tom is in the middle of his AS levels and they seem to be going OK. Martha is in the finals of a poetry slam at the end of June and has to perform at the Old Vic! She's very excited about that.

As for me I've been beading, silversmithing, beading and, oh yes, beading. Talking of which, I'd better get my nose back on that grindstone. Things are a bit calmer over the next two weeks - beading-wise - although I do have my birthday to think about - it's on the 15th in case you feel the need to dash out and buy me an present ;-) So, hopefully, I'll be back soon with some photos. There's loads to show you, just no time to get it all photographed.

I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine and taking care of yourselves.

Much love and hugs.


Swiss Side Jewellery etc said...

Gosh, Lesley, I'm surprised you've even found time to write that. Wishing you all the best with your events and looking forward to seeing all those pics.

eve said...

My my you are a busy bee, hope all goes well, and happy birthday when i comes round, Eve x

Nia said...

I'm out of breath just from reading all that! Hope the weekend goes well for you guys, it's rained a bit here this afternoon - I'll do my best to stop it spreading in your direction!

Coburg Crafts said...

Thanks, Girls. As you'll see from my new posting, Saturday wasn't good at all, but Sunday was better.
I've got a bit of a rest now until 20th, so I can get my breath back after a really hectic week.
Take care