Monday, 11 August 2008

Before the rains came...

OK, hands up all those of you who forgot to keep your fingers crossed for the weather yesterday!! The garden party was a lovely event - in the garden of a fantastic house - but the weather was lousy. There were odd moments of sunshine, but there must have been about seven different showers - some of which were really heavy.
Luckily someone had lent us a gazebo, but water kept collecting in the roof and then the wind would blow and we'd have a waterfall... which mainly seemed to go down my back! Hey ho. We met some really super people and even sold some jewellery.

I took photos of our stall (before the rains came) and as I think this is our best one yet, I'll show you. Our 'prize winning' stall at Portishead Flower Show was similar to this, but somehow this one tops it in my eyes.

The lower table to the right with the yellow cloth is where we had the tub for the children's jewellery 'lucky rummage'. By the end of the afternoon that cloth was totally soaking as that was the direction the rain came from!

And, I've got round to downloading the photos of the sand sculptures at Weston from my phone. I think these are just fantastic, don't you?

I just love that little penguin behind the rock in the Australia picture - carrying a suitcase - and what you can't really see in the photo is that he's got beads of sweat rolling down his face! TeeHee. And that baby elephant... just SO cute!

OK, had better get back to the beads. We've got a jewellery party tomorrow night, so I'd better make sure everything is dried out by then!

Have a good week, All.


trade penny stocks said...

wow, very special, i like it.

Kerrie Slade said...

Sorry to hear about the weather Lesley but your stall looks fantastic and very professional (of course!) congrats on the sales.

How great are those sand sculptures? I've seen some in Spain, but none as amazing as that!

Kerrie x

Nia said...

Oh this is terrible! No not your blog of course! But I haven't logged in to Blogger in so long I've just spent the last 15 minutes catching up on your last six posts. Yes, six!!! Where to start? Well, your stall looked fab, as I would expect. Sorry about the weather, I can sympathise, having had my fair share of disastrous happenings over the years. And I love the fritet jewellery, as well as the Lush swap result, lucky you! Hope your Bank Hols went well, catch up soon.