Friday, 2 April 2010

Cheltenham and Chums

Last weekend I met up with lovely, lovely chums at Cheltenham Bead Fair. We all congregated around Julie Fountain's Lush Lampwork stall and went off on various forays to buy beads, cabochons, meet other beadery friends and feed and water ourselves.

Here's a link to a photograph of some of us: photo courtesy of Nia

I didn't buy too much... just a few beads and a few cabochons for more rings and pendants. I did buy some fabulous glass beads from Celia on the Jencel stall and couldn't wait to get home and get making:

Yesterday we were selling in one of our offices, and I'm happy to report that all, bar one, of these were sold. Guess what I'll be making more of today?

I also bought some more enamelled ceramic beads - I love them:

In both these sets, I've teamed the beads with Sterling Silver and Troubled Water also features Swarovski Crystals which pick up the oil colours beautifully.

Also this week I have been working on a commission for some pearl and vermeil (sterling silver covered in a layer of 24ct gold) earrings. These were my first pair:

which the customer liked, but wanted rounder pearls and longer chains, so:

which she loved. Another happy customer. :-)

Recently I have been using these stretch bracelets to attach my magatamas to. I'm still making the more traditional chain maille ones, but these are great for anyone buying a gift as they are not so size dependant.

At events, I do alter bracelets to fit, but if the customer is buying for someone else then that can present a sizing problem. Of course, rings are even more tricky... a matter of a fraction of a millimetre can be the difference between fitting and not fitting.

This necklace I made a little while ago, but hadn't photographed it. I bought the shells at Spring Fair. Shells, I hear you ask, what shells? Click on the photo to see it larger and you'll discover the teeny tiny shells. Aren't they lovely... but can you imagine having to make the holes in those?

This weekend, Sarah and I are selling at a two day craft fair in Wells Town Hall. It's a BIG one with over 80 stalls. Should be fun!

What news on the home front?

Martha is to be awarded a prize at the annual school prize giving. We don't know what for, but hey, a prize is a prize. Well done, my lovely girl.

Tom is making a good start on his revision for his A levels this summer. Hopefully over the Easter holidays he'll really get into it and go into the exams feeling confident.

Brian went walking on the south coast last weekend with some of his friends from football... 19 miles, they went!! He was totally wasted when he got home!

After the craft fair at Wells, we are away for a few days... so I'll catch up with you when I return.

Lastly, please send prayers and good thoughts for my mother-in-law who is very poorly.

Have a great long weekend, All.

Much love and hugs,


hello gorgeous said...

hey lesley, I too was at the Cheltenham Bead fair - my first ever! I was actually stood by all of you at Julie's stall - without even realising it! If I had known I would have introduced myself and had a quick chat.... ;o)

It was a great fair, so MANY fabulous things to choose from made it hard to actually choose something! But I did and am quietly creating away....

Loving your creations and have also just finished a couple of the long earrings, just need to photograph them - they are so effective!

Have a great Good Friday and hope you get lots of creatin' time in this weekend in amongst stall sitting... ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Coburg Crafts said...

Oh what a shame we didn't realise we were standing next to each other! Oh well, next time maybe.

I look forward to seeing your makes with your Cheltenham stash... and your long earrings.

Have a great Easter!


Julie ... Lush! said...

Best of luck this weekend, Lesley - and very best wishes to your mum-in-law.

Well Hello Gorgeous, I agree that's a shame, I hope we were all polite to you :0)

Anonymous said...

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