Thursday, 11 February 2010

Anyone who had a heart...

This was my haul from the Chepstow Bead Fair at the end of January - and as you'll see, there were quite a few hearts! The lampwork ones are by my lovely mate, Julie of Lush Lampwork. The bright coloured ones are fossil beads - not quite sure what they are fossils of, but that's what it said on the label!

Since then I have also been to the Spring Fair at the NEC and bought a 'few' more beads, but they are already in the process of being turned into lovely things, so you'll have to wait to see those!

Here's what happened to some of my Chepstow beads... These are all Sterling Silver earrings:

These three feature little porcelain hearts that I fell for in a big way! I love the mottled colours.

And these three are enamelled ceramic beads - aren't they gorgeous? I've got some more of these, so expect to see a few more yet!

I have got some more things to show you, but haven't got round to the photographs yet. Hope to get to them soon!

And I must get on and use some of the lovely beads I've bought over the last couple of weeks - not to mention the hundreds that I've already got! So many beads, so little time.

And I've got to finish my project for my evening class soon. I've done the (more interesting) practical part, now I've 'just' got to do the write-up. I'll post up a picture of what I've made in the next post.

On the home front: Tom is away on a field trip this week. He's on Exmoor. Don't envy him at all, it's bloomin' freezing! The house is very quiet without him. He's due back tomorrow. And then it'll be just over a week until he's 18. Still trying to get my head around that one.

Martha is on cloud 9 at the moment as she's going on a school trip to Barcelona. Now that one I am envious of. Barcelona is top of my 'places I really want to go' list.

Happy birthday, Dad. Love and miss you, every day.

Take care, everyone. Keep warm!

Much love,



Maz Simpson said...

Love those enamelled beads Lesley, especially the pinky/gold ones - so pretty!

Maz x

hello gorgeous said...

Hi Lesley, as usual these are stunning - love all six! LOVE the hearts 'cause they look SO tactile...can see myself fiddling with my ears wearing these! LOVE the enamel ones 'cause the colours are mesmerising! :o)

Really like the ear wires in the top three pics, any advice on where to get them....mine seem to be a lot more delicate than that....would love something a bit more substantial but not quite at the "making my own" stage! ;o)

Can't wait for more of your creations to air themselves!


hello gorgeous xxx

Coburg Crafts said...

Thank you, Maz. xx

Thank you, Gorgeous Sue. I get my earwires from - and they've got free shipping at the moment!!

Much love to you both for your lovely comments.


Pretty Things said...

Those all look awesome! And Barcelona! I could kick myself for not taking a trip with my best friend after college to Barcelona, but didn't. Stupid me.

Coburg Crafts said...

Thank you, Lori.

Let's hope we both get to see Barcelona one day.