Thursday, 12 February 2009

Lots of news!

Remember in the last entry I mentioned a local shop wanting some summer jewellery? Well, I took a selection yesterday and the owner took three sets to try in the shop (including Paddling Pools and Fiesta Summer, shown below) and bought a Shaggy Loop bracelet for herself!

She really liked some of the other items I'd taken, but didn't think they'd be suitable for her shop, so recommended that I try the gallery down the road. I called in and made an appointment for today.

I took my pieces in this afternoon and the owner has kept 10 items to display! TEN!!! She loved the squiggle pendants and has taken practically all my stock, so guess what I'll be doing for the next few days? She also took some with lampwork beads, so some of my favourite lampworkers will be represented in the gallery too.

So, if you happen to be in Clevedon anytime, make for Hill Road (loads of other fabulous shops too - super wool shop and don't mention the handmade chocolate shop!) and find Estuary and Fizz - and seek out my stuff. And, if you'd be so kind, make oooo and aaaahh noises over my bits and bobs!! Thanks.

To catch you up, here are the new squiggles the top two of which are now in Fizz.

The one above is made with three pieces of wire, soldered together and gently hammered.
The one below is four pieces, two long, two short, soldered and rather more heavily hammered!

The next one isn't quite right, hence it not going to the gallery, but it's getting there. This is the path I really want to take - to marry my love of silver and my passion for lampwork beads.

The stunning bead is by the ever-talented Isabelle Anderson. I love Izzy's beads, they're so perfect.

Look out for more of this sort of thing coming soon. Also, there will be some squiggle earrings in the next week or so.

On top of all that excitement, Sarah and I are busy sorting out our shows for the summer. When it's so cold and icy it's hard to imagine how hot and sunny it will be (hopefully) by the time we come to do these shows. I think we deserve a good summer, don't you?

Right, I think I'm going to open a bottle of wine in celebration of a really good couple of days.

Cheers, everyone!


tinkerbell said...

Hi Lesley! My goodness you have obviously been very busy since I last checked here! Have you put a cot in there to catch a few winks -you must be working 24/7!! Congrats on the shops taking your work - that's fabulous. Of course the jewellery is fabulous too. I really like the Fiesta Summer especially. The squiggles are great too, can't wait to see the earrings. Good luck with the Bristol venue. BTW I bought of map of the UK and yours was the first location I marked! Maybe I'll get back over there someday and look you up.

Cheers, Lynn

Kiamyka said...

Great news Lesley I'm sure they will do well
xx chris

Kathy said...

Wow they are gorgeous hun, and huge congratulations.

Hugs xxxx

Coburg Crafts said...

Thanks, Gals.

Lynn, you'd be more than welcome, any time you can make it over here!

Chris, you have been much in my thoughts and I continue to send you love and strength.

Kathy, will catch up with you soon, Hun, I promise.

Ollee said...

I don't know if it's just me but the first squiggle pendant looks a little like Woodstock on a skateboard! Brilliant! Congratulations on your gallery and shop news, I hope it goes really well!


Coburg Crafts said...

Thanks, Colleen. I see Woodstock in almost all of them now. Even when I think I've made one without him... I turn it upside down, and there he is!!

Swiss Side Jewellery etc said...

What do you mean the last one "isn't quite right" !! It's really lovely.
Have a good weekend:)