Friday, 12 September 2008

I got plastered...

or rather, my new workspace did!

It's only taken a year to get to this stage... but I'm hopeful that it won't take too much longer before I can get in there and create gorgeousness. Next step is to emulsion the walls and ceiling and then get the plumber in to install the radiator. Watch this space...

So, what's been happening? Well, it took me an age to throw off that cold/cough I picked up in London. A real pain. But, I'm all fit and well now and looking forward to a busy autumn.

Back-tracking to where I left off. Monmouth show was a bit of a disappointment, sales-wise, but there were 20 other stalls selling jewellery! It would seem that the organisers of big fairs don't really care about the mix of crafts in their marquee, as long as everyone has paid their money. Craft fair organisers do, usually, have limits on the numbers of traders selling each craft. A pain as jewellery always fills up first, but it gives the customer a wider selection and the traders don't have so much competition. Still, we did make a profit, which is good news!

At the beginning of September we were back into Clerical Medical and did well, especially as we booked a party from that.

And, of course, the beginning of September means back to school. Martha wasn't best pleased as her school has introduced blazers from this year. I think she looks very smart...

but she decided she looked like a 'dork'.

Tom started his 6th Form College. All very grown-up and responsible.

We did a lovely event on 6th at a local(ish) primary school to help raise funds for their swimming pool. Although the turn-out was low, a high percentage of visitors bought some jewellery which was great. We also helped the funds by buying loads of the second-hand books, Christmas cards, a 'few' cakes and raffle tickets - two of which won great prizes! A good day!!

Monday saw me at the Autumn Fair at the NEC with two of my super beady chums. There was lots of chatting and quite a bit of shopping done!!

Last Wednesday, we had our first visit to sell in the Axa offices. And blimey, what super offices they have! Rolling lawns, a lake, their own branch of WHSmiths, a nail bar, a gym, squash court - fab. Almost made me wish I could have a job there... almost! We did really well and look forward to going back at the beginning of October.

This weekend, my lovely mum is coming to stay and on Sunday, Brian is running in the Bristol half marathon! He's so fit, my hubby! And then Monday is a daytime jewellery party.

So, you see it's all go round here. And, of course, there's been jewellery made:

Golden Oriole: lovely Black and Yellow oval Agates with matte Black Onyx and sterling silver.

A byzantine chain maille set using silver plated and antique copper rings. It took ages, but I really like it... it moves beautifully.
At the Autumn Fair there was a definite trend towards large jewellery, so I bought these lovely - light - wooden beads and teamed them with some ribbed gold plated tubes. I think this will look fab with a chunky knit in the winter, don't you? As I think this one is not for the faint-hearted, I've called it 'Wood You?'

A challenging bead this next focal. A super one by Emma Ralph, but it really didn't want to be made into anything for ages. Finally, it spoke to me and demanded this lovely colour combination of glass pearls. I've named it Hedgerow Treasures as it reminds me of the bounty of autumn.
The next two I made as a commission for my lovely friend, Anne. She only wanted one, but I do like to give customers a choice, if possible. They are double shaggy loop bracelets made with antique gold rings. The first one uses all black beads and the second has a mix called Volcanic Beach. She chose the second one and it's now gone off with Anne to a posh do!

OK, that's got you all caught up with goings on.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I'll try to not leave you in the lurch for so long next time!

Much love to all. xx


Kiamyka said...

There's some lovely new stuff there Lesley. You must be so excited about the workshop coming together - it shouldn't be too far away now.
xx chris

Nia said...

Not commenting on your (very advanced) workshop - you know my feelings re. mine! Hmmmm, Blazers ..... I can sympathise with Martha, but tell her from me that a few years later, when I was in uni, my old school blazer was the height of subversive and uber-cool fashion. Mind you, that was in the days of Afghan coats, huge flared jeans, "interesting" substances, and Bachman Turner Overdrive! Ok, maybe you better NOT tell her.
Great meet-up last week wasn't it! Shame our Alison couldn't make it, but hopefully next time she'll be there. I'm lost without my twin!
Hope the week has gone well, catch up soon x

wedding jewellery said...

nice jewellery creation do well i will be waiting for ur next blog to take a look at some more cool jewellery.

Kerrie Slade said...

Wow what a varied and interesting post Lesley! I do love your Golden Oriole necklace but everything is gorgeous.

Glad you are feeling better :0)